Giving self doubt the finger!

It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks.  Between work, kids, life, counseling, and those nearest and dearest to me…. I’ve been a busy girl.  I’ve been begging for the photos from my latest boudoir session and tonight, they were delivered.  It’s been strange going through them.  The thoughts that go through your head when you see photos of yourself.  Superficial, self conscious, self destructive thoughts…  and in order to prove to myself that I can win over those things… I’m going to post a couple here.  Self doubt – this is me giving you the finger.


Are those really my legs?  No way.  I know that’s my tattoo.. but really?!  Cuz maybe it’s just me.. but DAMN!  Where’d THEY come from?!

When I look in the mirror, I see a woman.  She’s just starting to show her age, a couple of grey hairs, a couple of laugh lines forming in the face.  Her body, shows that she’s had 3 children.  When I look in the mirror, every flaw, every roll, every detail that I don’t like, is glaring and obvious.


In this kind of photography, it seems you focus and capture the essence of what’s so often overlooked by ourselves, and blur out the rest.  You simply hint at the sexuality of it all.


If only we could see ourselves as others do.  What would we see?  What would be different (in good ways and bad)?  What would be the same, if anything?


I’m too hard on myself, this I know and understand.  But after spending some time going through these photos tonight, I’ve realized, perhaps, I need to do a little more loving of myself.  Ok, yea, I’m fluffy… but who cares?  Cuz right now, I’m pretty dang proud of who I am.


One thought on “Giving self doubt the finger!

  1. And you should be proud of yourself! I see a beautiful mother of 3 children who has incredible self-confidence, enough to do a boudoir session! You go woman!

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