The reason why I never make my bed


I rarely make my bed.  If company is coming over, I still may or may not make my bed.  It depends on who the company is and whether they already know about this odd quirk that I have.  You see, Sleep and I are not very good friends in general.  Most of you know that I deal with nightmares on a fairly regular basis.  I’ll make my bed when the sheets and blankets are freshly washed.  But here’s what’s amusing.  The first thing I typically do when I climb into a freshly made bed, is unmake it.  I love the smell and feel of freshly laundered bed linens, but I’m one of those people who tosses and turns.  Hard to toss and turn freely when you’ve been tightly tucked in.  I also tend to like to let my feet stick out – or legs, or arms.. sometimes I will lay sideways, other times I’m spread eagle all the way across the bed.  Sometimes I like to hide under the covers and pretend like I’m not there; and other times, I lay on top of the covers and forgo them altogether.



I realize it’s strange, but to me, a messed up bed is FAR more comfortable.  I can mush the blankets up and around my face, or tuck them in-between my legs.  When I was sharing a bed with someone else, I always had the bed set up where I have my own blanket, and the other person does too.  And then a blanket over the top to hide the fact that there are essentially his and her blankets happening under the covers.  🙂  It worked, because I knew that my need to be weird with my blankets and sheets wouldn’t necessarily be something that someone else would accept.  Now that I’m not sharing a bed with someone else, I’ll admit, my odd sleeping habits have increased.  But I’m ok with that.  So long as my friends and loved ones who do pop over and occasionally see my unmade bed understand.  It’s not laziness.  It’s not being a slob, hey the rest of my room is clean, it’s a new way of thinking about something that traditionally was handled in a certain way.  Funny, in the kitchen, I can rival Martha Stewart…but house work… meh.

ImageWho am I kidding… I guess I’m just weird.  🙂 Happy Thursday everyone.


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  1. That is weird and quirky. I don’t make my bed either. I’m lazy. Why make it if you are just going to mess it up again.

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