Must. Stay. Awake…


My first meeting of the day starts in 10 minutes.  I’m dragging today.  Stayed up too late last night, I attended a networking event and then drove a friend home who lives kinda far away, and then got up too early this morning.  4 hours of sleep is just not enough for me.  I need to get the rest of my packing done.  The goal is to get completely out of the house by this weekend.  Not sure that we’ll pull it off, but I’m damn well going to try.  I have a doctor’s appointment tonight after work, and then I’ll go and continue the packing and sorting.  Sigh.  Is it over yet?  Am I moved in yet? 

I have absolutely no energy or desire to work today.  I’m just flat out exhausted.  That’s a bit unusual for me, as I love my job and the work I do and the team I am on.  It’s incredibly complex and challenging and keeps me on my toes.  I have yet to be bored here.  BUT – that said – today, all I’d rather be doing is napping and packing. 

Think I could get away with crawling under my desk and falling asleep? 🙂  Happy Midweek to everyone! 



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