It’s FRIDAY!!!

I am so glad for it.  Going to keep this blog post kind of short today, as I’m already swamped with meetings.  Yesterday (and so far today) was a good day.  Once I wrote that blog post and kind of just let it all out, my entire mood and attitude lifted.  Amazing what the mind can accomplish when you make a conscious choice to do something about it. 

I have a fairly busy day ahead of me, and tomorrow my first work “schmooze” event.  Should be interesting to say the least. 

Tonight, I plan on having an evening in bed, with movies and cuddles and popcorn.  The kids and I have picked out Spaceballs, Princess Bride and Monty Python, search for the holy grail as the movies we want to plow thru.  Should be fun and laid back, just the weekend I need after this long stressful week I’ve had.

Happy Friday everyone!!

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