It’s the zombie apocolypse!!!.. oh wait…

No it’s not.  But I’ve been doodling at work today and for some reason – cartoon zombie-fied versions of the folks I work with are what’s doing it for me today.  😉

Left me thinking too – if zombies took over the world right now.. i’d be so screwed.  The only weapon i’d be able to weild at this point would be my bitch be good stick – yes I do have one of those – and push pins.  I suppose I could get creative.  Throw a push pin up in the air, smack it with the bitch be good stick and hope for the best?  🙂

The Bitch Be Good Stick

Ahh the things that come to mind on a Friday afternoon when all I can think of is how to hone the art of procrastination.  Who am I kidding – I’m an expert when I want to be.  Been a damn good one tho I will say.  🙂

Hope you all are well!

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