The week is halfway over!

It’s slowing down at work.  It always does this time of year.  People busy bustling about, getting some last minute shopping done at lunch time, planning their vacations to visit family and loved ones.  It’s the one time of year that you get to get a glimpse into your coworker’s personal lives.  They come in and share stories of the christmas parties they’d attended, the gifts they agonized over picking out, the surprises they planned for their kids.  I love it.  There’s an energy in the air this time of year that almost sizzles with anticipation.  Mix that with the twinkle lights, tinsel and snow – and what you’re left with is magical. 

I’m determined to inject as much of this lovely magic into my daily routine as I can between now and new years.  Maybe if I’m lucky, some of it will hang around even longer. 🙂

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


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