An adventure

I’m sitting at the airport waiting to go home. I took a short flight up to Calgary for the weekend. I went up there to relax, meet a new friend and just have a little adventure and boy did I definitely get one.

On Saturday morning, I was feeling pretty down, because my friend ditched out on our plans, so I got a massage. Afterwards, I went down to hotel bar and had a scotch. The two lady bartenders ended up talking with me and became good friends. They kept free scotch flowing in my glass.

They introduced me to a nice guy who ended up taking me to a jazz club where I danced with a 65 year old tuba player. He showed me pictures of his wife and told me stories of his own adventures.  The ladies from the bar ended up meeting up with me later and we tasted some amazing foods and walked all over Calgary.

I had a lovely conversation with a chef about canadian cheeses and even recieved an invite from her to come back and play in the kitchen the next time I am here.  She must have brought out 15 different cheeses for me to taste and try.

Then we hit a hipster bar, and I met a local art dealer. We got into a passionate debate about art and American politics.

To finish the night, the nice guy who I met told me how beautiful and kind and smart I am, and kissed me goodnight under the stars.  I didn’t get a phone number… I didn’t want it. I’m just going to keep focusing on me for a while, but these people here were lovely. They cheered me up when I was feeling pretty lost and sorry for myself and it turned out pretty amazing in the end. Should my 2 new lady friends ever come to Seattle, I will be sure to be a gracious host to them.

I was messaging my best friend as I was packing up, saying how much of a flop this weekend had turned out to be when it really dawned on me. It wasn’t a flop at all. It was exactly what I came for… an adventure.  A chance to see and do something new.  Funny, how so often in my life, I fail to recognize my own bravery and strength.  My friend pointed out some of the adventurous highlights from my life. I started a business… picked a random career… have traveled a lot and have made some amazing friendships. I have seen and experienced so many things that so many overlook or don’t take the time to experience.

And to my friend… you really missed out on an amazing weekend. I think I did your town justice tho.  Thank you for inspiring me to visit. And it’s ok that we didn’t hang out. While I don’t fully understand what happened, I can recognize that sometimes, things have to go a certain way for a reason.  I can forgive and move forward, because I care…about you, about me, about the direction that my life goes.

Hugs to you Neverland, thanks for always being there.

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