The circle of life can be a bitch sometimes….


I’ve owned 10 cats in my life.  It’s funny, I really like dogs.  I’ve owned 7 dogs as well.  (By the way this is over the course of 30+ years… I am not a weird pet hoarder.)  In general, I view myself as an animal lover.  I believe a dog is a loyal companion to the family.  A best friend.  A cat, is something different.  It’s a mutual respect.  They view themselves as an equal to you.  They want loves when they want them.  They can be vocal and affectionate.

  • Rusty: Orange fluffy tabby – “went to live on a farm” when I was little
  • Socks: Black Kitten – needed surgery and had to go to a new home
  • Nibbles aka Kitty:  Brown Tabby – Lived 16 years
  • Mousers: Brown Tabby – Lived to 10 years
  • Squeakers – Lived to 11 years
  • Bella – Long haired tabby: Found a new home
  • 3 litters of kittens that were adopted out to new homes.
  • Jake – White cat: Hit by a car
  • George – Siamese cat: is 9 years old
  • Tiger: Orange tabby – got eaten by a couger
  • Zelda – Grey tabby kitten

Three of the cats I’ve owned, stand out as the most amazing creatures.  Nibbles and Squeakers were truly amazing cats.  Nibbles was the cat my parents had when I was growing up.  She was affectionate, but only when she wanted to be.  She would play, but she was gentle and always knew to keep her claws in.  Squeakers was my cat after I left home.  She loved water and would shower with you.  George is my siamese right now.  He was born as part of a litter from one of my previous cats, in my old dresser.  I was the first thing he saw.  He’s a fantastic cat.  Most of my friends say he’s not a cat, that he’s more like a dog.  He’s a great hunter.  He loves to leave “gifts” of poor creatures he’s hunted.  He’s getting older.  He’s acting strange.  I’ve seen this before.  Well – some of it.  I’m going to take him to the vet tomorrow.  I’m sure he’ll be okay, but what hit me is that he’s 9 years old.  At some point in the future, he’ll pass away, and that makes me sad.  He’s been a good friend to me.  And what also strikes me is that he’ll be the first death since Ben.  My daughter won’t take it well.  Sigh.  The circle of life can be a real bitch sometimes.  Just saying.

Goodnight Neverland.

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