“I am Groot” … and running dirty…


Saw Guardians of the galaxy this weekend.  It was awesome!  Definitely a movie I’d recommend.  And my favorite character?  Groot, of course! 🙂 What a cool character.  I’m going to have to read the comics now.  I want to see more of the story. 


It’s been another absolutely fantastic weekend.  Got to be a spectator and “camera man” for a mud run today.  What a blast that was, I’m determined to sign up next year.  Wow, what a thing to write.  Me.  I suppose I should explain.  I LOATHE running.  Even as a kid, I loved swimming, playing softball, volleyball, tennis, even football… but I HATED track.  I’ve never understood the people who go running.  Running, just for the sake of running.  Until recently.  I love to swim.  When I’m frustrated or up against a problem I need to figure out, I’ll go swim laps.  That’s where it’s just me and my thoughts letting out my frustration.  And that’s where it dawned on me that perhaps runners experience the same thing.  I had soo much fun, chatted with a few of the crew members as they were letting me sneak in to get pictures at better angles.  Everyone seemed to have had a total blast and were covered from head to toe in mud. 


I’m sure they’ll be cleaning that out for a few days hehe.  I’m a little sunburned, my ankle is a little swollen, and I’m a little tired, but It was an amazing time, and an amazing day.  I’m happy.  Happier than I’ve ever been.  Life is damn good, even with the occasional bump in the road. 

Goodnight neverland.  I hope you all had fantastic weekends.  XXO.

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