Happiness, it seems, is just outside my window


Amazing.  Sometimes, life will throw a curve ball your way, and instead of faltering, or missing the swing, sometimes, you nail it out of the park.

That is how I feel today.  I feel like somehow, with everything I’ve had thrown at me this year, I’m watching as the ball i’ve just hit is sailing out of the park in all it’s glory.  It’s quite a euphoric feeling.  Pride, in knowing how far I’ve come, anticipation of the amazing things that are sure to follow.  Trepidation, the last thing I want to do is somehow screw this up.  I haven’t felt truly happy in a really long time.  And suddenly, that’s where I am at.

Grayson, my son, woke up way too early this morning.  He’s 2, and so he’s hard to convince that it’s not time to wake the whole house up and watch dragons on TV.  I pulled him into my bed and rubbed his back until he fell back asleep.  He scootched closer to me in his sleep and put his hand on my cheek.  So sweet.  I heard him sigh, say “I love you momma”, and then drift back to sleep.  Then I followed.  My alarm didn’t go off.  I’m NEVER late.  But this morning, it didn’t have me flustered.  The bliss of an early morning cuddle had made it so that I didn’t care about any of the other BS.

I had an amazing weekend.  Did a little Christmas shopping.  Went hot tubbing – oh man did my body appreciate the hot water of that tub.  🙂  Played some games with my bro.  Overall, just had a good, restful couple of days.  Managed to pull together the perfect gift for someone, and when I found out they’d had a rough day on Sunday – drove over to their house to drop it off.  It wasn’t quite the way I’d intended on giving it to them.  There was little to no ceremony about giving someone a gift in the parking lot of their apartment complex.  I didn’t even get to see them open it, but the text I received a bit later showed me I’d made the perfect choice.  I love giving people gifts.  Hell, I love to spoil people.  I do it as often as people will let me.  But, that said, I’ve never really had it in return.  I think receiving gifts might feel awkward.  I don’t really know.  LOL.

I gave notice at work last week.  2 weeks and I’ll be out of here.  I’ll take a week off in between leaving here and starting my new amazing job.  I’m so excited for this new job.  It’s a decent raise from what I’m making now which is always a plus, and I’m being given a bit more latitude.  I’ll get to build my own team.  Manage the future of a very complicated system and product.  I worked for Microsoft for 3 years, and was nervous when I left.  Now that I’m returning, It feels a little bit like coming home.  I’m so pleased.  I get to have an office again.  Still have my mini fridge and bar and all the office furniture I had before stored in my garage.  Will be nice to set it up again, and get out of the cube farm i’m in now.  Now if I can just fight the short timer mode i’m feeling for the next two weeks. 🙂

Hope you all are having a lovely week.

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