Writing and Music

“I’ll just spend 10 minutes.”

It’s what I think every time I sit down to write a post.  I love it.  I crave it.  I sit and think about what I want to write in my next post…. I’ll be driving somewhere and have a thought or idea and start to spin a spider web of thoughts around that idea and then realize, hey that would make a great post! And invariably, I always forget what the thought was when I do finally sit down to write.  I sort of fall into a post.  I’ll start typing and soon I’m lost in the depths of a deep confession or feeling or memory.  It’s cathartic.  Sometimes it can be quite a rush.  Writing can cause deep pain, and incredible joy; it all depends on what topic is being written about.  Writing is in a lot of ways, like music is for me.

My brother has music playing loudly through the house right now.  I know he has it on random, but somehow, the random songs it plays are hitting home for me this morning.  I heard an ad on the radio yesterday that sums it up for me.

“Some people pray.  I turn my music up.”

That’s so true for me.  Music is something I use to push myself.  As my muse for inspiration.  I use it to express emotions… especially when I don’t quite know how.  Music has been a friend to me when no others could.  A shoulder to cry on, a coach to boost courage.  And what’s amazing, I know I’m not the only one who feels like that.  Music speaks to us in a different way.  It can reach even the coldest or most closed off hearts.  Our house almost always has music coming from it.  I love to dance around the house and teach my kids the different instruments they’re hearing.  My daughter is getting really good at it.  She also is really good at the guess that tune game.  Name the tune and artist of the song that’s playing as fast as you can.  If you’re good – under 10 seconds. 🙂


Well, I suppose I should be off – have to go clean up and make the house spiffy for wine/chocolate night.  Have a great Saturday everyone!

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