Downloading on family

My mind is flying tonight.  A million miles a minute about every little thing.  I feel this deep desire to just sit and let the fingers flow over the keyboard.  I don’t know how much of this I will edit.  This will be purely free-flowing thought.  You have been warned. My daughter is home tonight.  […]


There is so much to say.  And yet it all seems to stick in my throat.   I have written and rewritten this post about 10 different times in the last 24 hours.  I can’t seem to get the words out properly. I am hurt.  Shocked.  Appalled.  I was unfairly misjudged this weekend.  It was assumed that I […]


What a surprise to find out my little blog has been nominated for an award.  The Liebster award – nominated by   Thank you my dear for the sweet nomination. The purpose of this award is to encourage writers of new blogs and explore more of this world of blogging. The rules of the Award are […]