Who am I?

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I wear many masks, play many roles.  All of them are bits and pieces of who I am, and yet none of them make the entirety of what is me.  Who am I really?  Even if I were to ask the top 20 people who know me well… their answers, while some would be similar – some would have emphasis on different areas.  Makes sense – the role I play with each person in my life differs greatly.  So then… who am I?

I could look at the snippets of writing, the creative works I’ve drawn and painted over the years, the music I’ve played and the poetry I’ve written… maybe it is in those things that who I am is clearly reflected?  Hmm.  Nope.  My creative outlets serve as a way for me to channel emotion or a feeling, a fleeting moment that I want to capture; which means they in no way emcompass all of who I am.  So again… who am I?

Is it the voice in my head?  The one that also shows up in dreams and meditation.  Maybe THAT voice… encompasses who I am.  Funny.  The one thing – that clearly reflects and articulates “Me” is the one thing that only I will ever hear or see.  Maybe what it really means – is that Me… the core and essence of who I am – is really only for me to know.

What’s interesting about that concept – is that I actually like the voice in my head. She’s usually pretty empathetic, wise, and funny.  Maybe pixar’s take on the inner voice in the movie Inside Out, wasn’t far off?

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It’s taken me years to learn this.. and even now, sometimes I get a little shaky on it.  But I’m so much better than I used to be.  So much more confident and sure of myself and the choices that I make.  It’s nice to like yourself.  It’s nice to have a clear idea of who I am.  I no longer have to wonder.  Now – I just try and show it to the world.  Because once you find yourself… you want to show it for all to see! 🙂

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