My interview went well,  and they’ll be setting up appointments for the next stage/steps. I’m excited to be able to sit with someone who’ll be able to answer some of my more in depth questions.
I wish I felt better. I’m fed up. With doctors and insurance, with diagnosis and problems. At this point I no longer know whether to throw my hands up and say enough is enough or keep plowing ahead. Things have been relatively good and stable health wise for me. On the trip, my kidney gave me a few bouts of trouble here and there, but nothing I couldn’t handle. And all has been good since. Then, this afternoon,after my interview,  I started to feel a little funny. Which led to discomfort,  which led to pain. I’ve been putting a smile on for everyone tonight. Didn’t want to bother anyone. But now that I’m in bed, trying to get some sleep, I’m realizing just how much I hurt. I’m glad my bro will be visiting tomorrow, as I know he’ll keep an eye on me.

Goodnight Neverland. May we both get to sleep quickly.

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