Planning another trip..

Lonely girl with suitcase at country road dreaming about travel.

It’s been on my mind for a couple of months… when am I going to take another trip and where will I go this time?  Because of buying the house, taking an extended vacation is really just not in the cards this year.  Which is why I’ve settled on next april.  For my birthday, I am going to plan something.  2 weeks off of work if I can somehow swing it.  An international destination of some sort.  The ability to unwind, recharge and just reset myself.

I get antsy and itchy when I don’t get a break.  I never knew this about myself.  It’s only been in the last 4 years or so that I’ve figured that out.  It’s this tension that builds in me and I just have to escape… from work, from friends, from everything for a few days.  Longer if I can swing it.  I’ve learned that if I plan something once a year, or once every other year, I don’t get so antsy and anxious or pent up.

So …. thinking through where I’m at, where I’ve been and what my budget will likely be… I’ve got a few ideas percolating.  They are as follows (and not in any particular order):

  • Ireland/Scotland/UK – go back and visit family and explore 🙂
  • Thailand
  • Fiji – because YES please!!
  • Japan or China
  • Mexico – simply because I’ve never been
  • Alaska – also because I’ve never been

So … out of those options… which would you lean towards and why?  🙂

One thought on “Planning another trip..

  1. I’ve been to some of those places! Here are my thoughts:
    *Mexico is good for vacation if you like the sun, drinks, and possible excursions. It’s a great place to relax but not necessarily explore.
    *As you’ve been to the UK you already know what to expect there but there is always a ton to see and do while there (plus free museums is always alluring to me).
    *Alaska is gorgeous, but April isn’t the best time to visit. The weather gets nicer around Mid-May or June (depending on where you’ll visit there). I spent 7 days & nights in Juneau visiting a friend and loved it, but I also had my own personal tour guide so it isn’t the same as taking a cruise. Here are some of my pictures from Alaska if you’re interested: and
    *I’ve been to Japan, and it’s expensive there, so be prepared for that. Lodging, transportation, food and drinks, everything is crazy costly. I lived in South Korea for a year and if you’re looking for a similar culture/experience, you could visit Korea for at least half the price.

    I’ve never been to the other places but they’re on my bucket list! If you go, post about it 🙂

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