The light after a storm…


Wow what a week!  I swear, it’s been the longest week in history.  An emotional roller coaster that up until this morning, I was pretty convinced would end badly for me.  I tried to just keep plugging away, to keep trying, keep pushing; and can you believe it?  It worked.  Now suddenly, heading into the weekend, it feels a bit like the clouds have lifted.  The way the light changes just after a storm.  When things calm down and everything starts to recover from the turmoil that just swept past.

At work – I had to lay off my entire team.  It was such an emotional ride.  Lots of tears at the beginning of the week – from everyone, myself included.

Then was presented with a hiccup in the house buying process, and for a moment, I bawled my eyes out because I was pretty sure I was no longer going to get the house.  BUT… some amazing attorneys jumped in and helped me get things squared away.  And after a lot of running around this morning, I got confirmation from my lender that all is well and that they’re going to try and push for closing next week or the week after.

I’m elated, but I’m also just plain exhausted.  This week has certainly been incredibly taxing.  I get the joy of spending the weekend at my Dad’s.  I’m looking forward to doing a bit of relaxing.  Although, truthfully, I should be spending the time packing and getting everything squared away, I just don’t think I have the energy to do it.

That’s ok – I’ll focus on all of that next week, with fresh eyes and a fresh outlook.  I can breathe easier, and maybe even get some good sleep, knowing that all that I’ve been working towards, this journey I started down so that I could provide an even better life for my kids… it’s working out the way I’d always hoped.

I try and remember that for every win, someone must fail.  There is always balance in life.  I have experienced many fails.  It feels lovely to finally win.

Goodnight Neverland, hope you all are well.

lipstick kiss

3 thoughts on “The light after a storm…

  1. Buying a house has it’s ups and downs. You never would think you can get attached and emotional, about a building. So glad it is coming together.
    When you say Dad’s are you talking about Curt?
    Cause to me that is your Dad. I have never really known much about the other one.
    Again, WTG!!!

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