What a week…

I’m blogging from my phone tonight, so please excuse me if I miss editing out any typos.

It has been one hell of a week, full of many highs and lows.

The lows:
1. I had a lot of stress at the beginning of the week worrying about a potential bout of layoffs at work. It would have thrown a huge monkey wrench into the whole house thing I have in the works.

2. A massive argument with one of my closest girlfriends. All friendships experience tiffs and arguments… but I’m not so sure that we’ll recover from this one.

3. It’s become apparent to me that the puppy needs a bit more intensive style training. I’m looking into a program that is a 5 week board and train. It’s expensive, but I don’t know what else will work.

The highs:
1. I’m safe at work.
2. Anything house related.
3. A friend was there for me this week, when I really needed it the most. I appreciate the hugs and pep talks, helping me brainstorm alternative solutions and just generally taking me out of my head. I cannot truly express my gratitude. I don’t think he knows how awesome he is.

After this weekend, I get to start packing. Can’t wait!! 47 days. Yes I have a count down until I get the keys lol!

Well, neverland, I’m exhausted. Grateful tomorrow is Friday! Much love to you all!!

One thought on “What a week…

  1. Crazy week for you, but you made it!
    Check with the Local pounds, or humane society, they have been know to offer classes for dogs and owner for a good price.
    46 Days!

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