Today, I’m thankful

I got my ring!  I went and picked it up last night from the jewelers.  It’s so fricken pretty!! 🙂  I feel so special with it on!  It’s mine.  My gift… to me.  Now I feel like I need to do my nails or something – make my hands be pretty enough to wear it.  There was a brief moment, yesterday on the way home, where I felt guilty that I’d splurged on myself in this way.  But I convinced myself to remember that I so rarely do anything just for me.  And I spoil EVERYONE at christmas.  Aren’t I allowed to be just a little bit spoiled myself?  I do believe, I’ve earned it.

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It’s a strange day at work today.  80% of the office is out on vacation.  Next week – that will up to 95%.  On one hand, its a lovely contrast to the high stress, fast pace I’ve been moving for the last couple months.  But on the other, it’s weird, and eerie and I feel like I should be doing a lot more than I actually am.

I’m considering attending a masquerade ball for new years eve.  I’ve never done anything like that before.  It’s kind of fun to consider getting all dressed up in formal gear, a mask, maybe even a stylish crazy wig… Who knows, maybe it is because I recently watched Phantom of the Opera, but I have visions of their masquerade in my head.  Seems like a unique experience to try.  🙂  We’ll see if I get the courage to buy a ticket and plan the outfit.  I think I found the dress I’d want to wear.  It’s too fabulous for the likes of lil ol me, but I can’t help but think it would also oddly, be perfect.  A striking difference to who I normally am.


This weekend will be a full one.  I get to go witness my brother being baptized into the church his fiance attends.  I joked that I should likely not attend, as I’m not religious and lightning just might strike me down as I enter the church.  He laughed and told me I had no choice.  I might not be religious, but I’m certainly proud of my brother.  He’s come along way in just a couple of years.

The rest of the weekend will be filled with wrapping presents and preparing for the coming holidays.  I’m looking forward to the eggnog, the music, even the paper cuts. 🙂


To you all, wishing you a very happy friday.  Smile today, even if only for a moment.  You are loved.

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