My advice for you? Worry less.


They say “With age, comes wisdom.”  And I’ve heard it said, that with pain and loss, comes age.  So I suppose that means, emotionally, I’m old.  And most of the time, I’d disagree with that statement, but there is one area of life that through my experiences, I’ve learned to let go of.  I used to worry and stress about the little stuff.  Paying a bill, cleaning a room, a regular chore or responsibility that was required of me, a customer at work or a coworker or boss who’s being unreasonable.  Month after month, I’d stress over something.  And you know what?  Somehow, I always made it work.  Life works out in the way it’s meant to.  Over time, I’ve stopped stressing as much about the little things.  It’s those kinds of little things that really, in the scheme of things, don’t matter.  10 years from now, you won’t look back and say OMG, in October of 2014 I couldn’t pay this bill.  No way.  And if you fill your days worrying about that little stuff, you’ll stop enjoying the things that make this life worth living!  I look at a few of  my friends and wonder if it’s unfair that I feel this way.  Yea ok, from a money standpoint, I really don’t worry about much, so that puts me into a different perspective that I’m sure others would say means I don’t count… but it’s not like I haven’t been there.  Eating ramen noodles instead of food so my kids could have a balanced meal.  Stressing over how I’d give them a Christmas.  There were more than a few times I’d be so wrapped up in my stress or worry, that I’d miss out on some of the joys I was being handed in those moments.  And you can’t get them back.  I’d rather throw my hands up and give in to the knowledge that I’ve done all I can… and it will be what it will be.

That is my advice to you, dearest Neverland.  Worry less.  Live more.  Cuz this?  This is what we get.  We get this one shot to be who we want to be.  It disappears in the blink of an eye.  What do you want to look back and remember?

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