Holy cow, I feel good. Started a new piece tonight. Well, technically two, but got really far on one in particular.  Got all the base coats down, so now tomorrow, I can have fun shading and bringing it all to life.  It felt good. Turned up some portishead, left my phone on the opposite end of the house and lost myself in my creation.

It’s been a quite some time since I’ve done anything. I have to be in the right mood to want to get lost in a painting. I was worried I’d be a little rusty, but I think my eye has improved, because before my eyes, an amazing image began to form.

The second piece, I need to stew on a bit more. I kinda know what I want, but not entirely sure how to do it just yet. I will figure it out tho. 🙂 it involves painting glass and liquid…should be cool if I nail the right technique.

Baked cookies with the kids tonight. Sat and talked with Alayna. Cuddled with both the kiddos. I love our nightly routines.

Well, I stayed up too late painting…off to hit the sheets now. Night folks.

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