Staycation Part 1

It’s Sunday.  The house is quiet.  I am very obviously not on Orcas Island.  And … I’m completely okay with that.  I have no plans for myself for the next couple of days, and I’ve given myself one rule.  Think about (and accomplish) needs/wants only.  No stress or drama, no grumpiness, no pain.  Meaning:  No thoughts about work, no thoughts about moving, no thoughts that bring about sadness or pain.  Or at least try and remember to turn them off when they do occasionally pop up.

Yesterday was lovely.  I met with a friend for coffee, ran a few errands, and then disappeared into a favorite book store.  I filled my arms with books and hunted down a chair.  There was another woman there, and she was doing the same.  Her arms filled with books on dragons.  She had one I’d considered grabbing, as it covered the techniques of painting scales and certain textures.  I commented to her about it as she plopped into the seat next to mine and we ended up chatting about art and comics.  She’s a local artist.  Very nice woman.  We laughed about wanting to have a coloring party and exchanged numbers.  🙂

I talked to my little brother briefly yesterday.  My real brother, not the “bro” I live with. 🙂  He and I are both wanting some sibling time. He’s planning to come stay a night soon so we can stay up too late gabbing and laughing and sharing.  Then have horrible-for-you-but-oh-so-good breakfast diner food the next morning.  I’ve enjoyed watching him get older and become a young adult.  In my case, being significantly older than a sibling is interesting because you love them, and want to share everything you can with them, but know that age and maturity is a factor in understanding the choices that we make as adults or as parents.  So you don’t share everything.  Sometimes you just stay silent and stand back and watch.  I think he’s on the track to being a very cool man.  It will be interesting to see what he grows and becomes.

I came home and painted.  And painted.  And painted.  I had candles.  I had my entire music collection put into one playlist and set to “random”.  I had a glass of amazing red wine.  Ok, over the course of the night I had 2 glasses.  I was trying a new technique I’d found in a book.  I wanted to see if I could accomplish it.  I used a photo as a guide and went about trying to replicate the picture I’d found in the book.  I did it.  It’s not perfect, I somehow messed up half way through and Photoshop put a 30 px outline on all that was laid down.  So I had to go back and repaint a lot of what I’d already done.  I’m still new to painting on the computer.  It’s awkward for me, but I’m dedicated to figuring it out.  Blending just pisses me off on the computer.  You lose the ability to shade with your hands a lot.  But tablets and technology are giving me the opportunity to paint without the mess, in my living room with my feet up, relaxed.  Not hunched over an easel. I knew 3/4 of the way through that I wanted to finish my painting last night, and I knew it would hurt to do so.  My hands were cramping. 🙂 But I was so excited to see what took shape.

Should I show you all?  Please remember, I am not the original artist.  This is NOT my work… I mean – it is … I painted it.  But from a small photo.  I don’t feel right taking credit.  Shoot I feel even worse that I didn’t think to note down the original artist.  Or the book.  Bad Jen.  But here it is all the same.



Holy cow, I feel good. Started a new piece tonight. Well, technically two, but got really far on one in particular.  Got all the base coats down, so now tomorrow, I can have fun shading and bringing it all to life.  It felt good. Turned up some portishead, left my phone on the opposite end of the house and lost myself in my creation.

It’s been a quite some time since I’ve done anything. I have to be in the right mood to want to get lost in a painting. I was worried I’d be a little rusty, but I think my eye has improved, because before my eyes, an amazing image began to form.

The second piece, I need to stew on a bit more. I kinda know what I want, but not entirely sure how to do it just yet. I will figure it out tho. 🙂 it involves painting glass and liquid…should be cool if I nail the right technique.

Baked cookies with the kids tonight. Sat and talked with Alayna. Cuddled with both the kiddos. I love our nightly routines.

Well, I stayed up too late painting…off to hit the sheets now. Night folks.

Things are looking up..

happyWeek three of the new job and I’m starting to feel a bit less on edge about all that I’m doing.  It’s like the fog is starting to lift and I’m getting a pretty good look at what the big picture is and how I can impact it.  It’s awesome.

Going to be buying a new car soon.   I’m excited by that.  It’s rare that I buy anything for myself.  Especially something like this.  Just hoping my step dad can come with me when I go, or maybe the bro.  They say it’s good to have a guy go with you for that kind of thing.  Never really understood that premise.  Most of the guys I know wouldn’t have HALF the luck as some of the women I know at haggling a price down.

So I have an odd confession.  I’ve had a smile on my face almost constantly for a couple of days.  LOL.  Crazy huh?  I mean – anyone who knows me, would attest to the fact that I’m always smiling.  I’m a naturally optimistic person, but the last couple of days has had me in an extra fine mood.  Love that.  Hope it sticks around…. but even if it doesn’t… I am grateful for the moment.

May have to break out the art supplies tonight.  I feel like doing some painting.  It’s been a while, but I’ve had this idea in my head the last few nights and I want to capture it before it disappears.  I know it’s been too long when just the idea of smelling my art supplies has me itchy to get home.  The charcoal, the paint, even the smell of the canvas.  Hehe, maybe it’s my inner Bob Ross.  Painting happy little clouds and happy little trees. 🙂  Well – no, usually in my case it’s exotic landscapes with fuzzy people or if a person is in detail they tend to be scantily clad…or zombies.  Hmm… maybe I’m channeling a younger, straighter more twisted version of Bob Ross? 😀


Happy Tuesday everyone.  Hope you all are having a fantabulous day!