Relaxation on the horizon…

ImageIt’s a short week for me.  I work today, have a lunch date this afternoon and then have Wednesday -Sunday to rest and relax and do whatever I want.  No work, No kids, No responsibilities, no promised visits with family for turkey – none of it.  My first holiday without my children.  And quite frankly, I’m SUPER excited for it.

I love my family and my kids, please don’t misunderstand me.  But what I hate about a lot of holidays is the expectations that come with them.  You’re expected to show up to a relative’s house, a relative who in all likelihood you don’t see or talk to much in the year, smiles in place, everyone dressed the part.  You make conversation which invariably always feels a bit like a competition.  Aunt so and so got a new job doing this.  Oh yea?  Well cousin fred just made XXXX on this investment.  Who’s traveling this year?  Oh you are?  Oh where are you staying? Oh there?  You could have stayed here for cheaper.  If you’re part of a larger family, there’s likely a separation between generations.  I’m not a kid anymore, in fact, I have 2 of my own.  But for some reason I’m not quite considered one of the “adults” with my extended family yet.  There are 2 children’s tables.  One for the young kids, and one for the parents of those kids who haven’t graduated to the adult table yet.  And while I don’t mind sitting with the kids, watching them build mountains out of mashed potatoes, I always feel a little weird about it.  Although – that said – I still hold the record for the best food sculpture thank you VERY much!  🙂

So this year, I told my family that while I love them, I’d rather do my own thing this year.  My kids will go with their dad and celebrate the holiday with his family.  I’m checking into a hotel, for some rest, relaxation and a day at the spa.  Going to eat good food, explore the city, play the tourist.

And who knows… perhaps this will become a new tradition and a new reason to give thanks each year. 🙂

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