One person really CAN make a difference

10 years ago, this November, I made a promise to my little baby boy that I would get happy, healthy and spread love like it was candy from my pocket. And for the most part – I’ve upheld my promises. But this year is special. It needs to be special. He would have been 10 years old! So this year, I’m taking the good deed Global. The company I work for is allowing and encouraging me to spread this and utilize the company to do a day of good deeds in honor of Ben…. on a global scale. Every year I pass out blankets for his birthday – and this year – the blanket drive will go beyond the borders of Seattle in a HUGE way. We’re also going to be doing a giant pass it on type of activity – buy a stranger a coffee or get someone’s gas bill… something like that.

I haven’t figured out all of the details yet, but I’m a whirlwind of emotions right now about it. Proud… humbled….honored…. loved…. inspired… one person really CAN make a difference. Stay tuned… once I figure things out in more depth – I’ll be sure to share it here too – that way you all can maybe participate too – in your own ways!

Much love to you Neverland. It’s been to long!

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