I’m not proud of myself today

Overall, If I were to describe my general temperament… I’d say I’m easy going and generally a people pleaser.  I tend to put my needs and wants last and will rarely gripe about it.  I’m not generally a grumpy person.  I can be stubborn and argumentative, but that tends to come out more at work than in my personal life.

Last night, I proved all of those generalizations about me wrong.  I threw a tantrum.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done that.  And in some ways, I don’t regret it because what I said, needed to be said.  However… It’s my approach that I’m regretting this morning.  Not only did I impact my own ability to sleep… but I feel like a total asshole over it, and I hate that.

I’m learning to communicate better, but I still have moments where my communications will equate to my own version of a diver screwing up and doing a belly flop.  I suppose I should be glad that I can see my own mistakes and learn from them.  That I’m open enough to self improvement and overcoming my own shortcomings that I can at least see when I’m royally screwing something up.  Doesn’t mean I can stop the belly flop before it happens, but at least I’ll know it’s coming and can brace myself accordingly.

All I want right now, is a hug and a snuggle.  A redo on my evening last night and my morning today.  Things are fine, work has been good so far today, I had coffee with the bestie this morning too which always makes my day better.  I guess I just have to shake it off, chalk it up as an opportunity for growth and call it good.

Hope you are all well, my friends in Neverland.  Happy Tuesday.  Cheers!

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2 thoughts on “I’m not proud of myself today

  1. I’ve done this. Focus on the fact that what you said needed to be said, regardless of the delivery. I suspect, since it was out of character to begin with, that your tantrum came about do to frustration. To me that implies necessity. Next time just don’t let issues fester. Hope I made you feel less disappointed in yourself 😉

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