My bucket list

The following is a list of things I want to do in my life…sometime before the end preferably.  🙂 They are things I have yet to experience…large and small. 

1. Go on a long road trip on a motorcycle.
2. Skydive
3. Get in a food fight
4. Learn to surf
5. Build a true “Jen Cave” – for my nerdy hobbies
6. Publish a book
7. Ride a hot air balloon
8. Go grape stomping and make wine
9. Go scuba diving
10. Ride an elephant in Thailand
11. Explore a real castle
12. Attend a ball
13. Eat sushi in Japan
14. See the cherry blossom festival
15.  Design a video game
16. Attend SDCC
17. Achieve my ideal weight
18. Learn to ski
19. See the amazon rainforest
20. Climb a mountain
21. Paint a mural
22. See the aurora borealis
23. See the pyramids
24. Send a message in a bottle
25. Buy a house
26. Go on a cruise
27. Visit New York
28. Visit Vegas
29. Cook through an entire cookbook
30. Fly first class
31. African Safari
32. Experience Zero Gravity
33. Explore the Louvre
34. Visit Tuscany and experience “the Tuscan light”
35. Fly in a fighter jet
36. Drive on a race course as fast as I can go
37. Play a real game of poker in a casino
38. Go to the airport and take a random flight for a weekend
39. Experience Mardis Gras
40. Be at Times Square on New Years Eve
41. Get hypnotized
42. Speak at a design convention
43. Milk a cow
44. See Stonehenge
45. Meditate in a temple in asia
46. Rent a bus and party with friends
47. Set up a soup kitchen
48. Be in disguise for a day
49. Camp on a beach
50. Make a cherry pie with a lattice top
51. Throw a boomerang
52. Spend a day in bed… NOT sleeping 😉
53. Be “stranded” on an island for 3 days
54. Attend the Olympics
55. Kiss under the mistletoe
56. Be a part of a flash mob
57. Attend a murder mystery dinner
58. See real fireflies
59. Skinny dip in the ocean
60. Sex on a beach
61. Swim in a tropical ocean at night
62. Taste a sprouted coconut
63. Buy an investment property
64. Make someone smile every single day
65. Learn to play guitar
66. Go 180 mph on a motorcycle
67. Take a pottery class
68. Make stained glass
69. Flip a house
70. Attend my kid’s graduations
71. Meet my grandkids (this better be a LONG LONG time from now lol)
72. Join the mile high club
73. Take a bubble bath with someone

This is obviously not an extensive list – I’ll add to it over the years and mark stuff off.  What’s kinda neat is to look at the things I could actually accomplish right now. 🙂  I showed it to the bro – he laughed that I hadn’t done some of the things on this list yet.  Hey! I’m getting there!! 🙂 

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