Wow, what a week!

I’m wiped. I should just succumb to it and fall asleep, but I wanted to take a few minutes to write.

Kicked some serious butt at work today. The amount of work I blasted through was truly quite astonishing.  I was super focused.

Then, my mentor met with me after work to walk through a presentation I’m giving next week. I’m a bit nervous, as I have to present for 90 minutes.

Came home, did a few chores and errands, relaxed a bit with the bro. It was a quiet night.

I’m looking forward to the weekend.  Get to go see a movie, do some shopping for a new TV, the real bro will be here on Sunday. I’m looking forward to time with him.  We’ve never had multiple days in a row together.  He’s been showing signs of slipping down a less than ideal path as far as life goes. My dad asked if I could motivate him. He’s going to be shown a different side of life while he’s here. I feel honored that dad asked for my help.  That is truly a first.

On one hand, he’ll be expected to pitch in and help. We earn our way through life with hard work. But I also want him to see some of the rewards that come with that kind of hard work and determination. I hope it will help him see that there’s more out there to achieve.  That he can do better.

I’m stuck on 2 paintings right now. One, I’m scared to go further because I dont want to mess it up.  And the second, I’m just not happy with what I’ve started. May start over.

I’ve had two songs in my head for about two weeks.  They make me think of someone and smile a sappy smile. One in particular always spurs me to day dream.  Sometimes, I get frustrated by that. Simmer down girl!  And sometimes, I embrace it and allow myself the fantasy. 

My penpal friend is talking to me again. Not really sure how to feel about it. On one hand, it’s nice to think my longest friend isn’t completely lost. But, to be honest, I’ve grown from where I was a year ago.  I’m not that girl.  And, I’m extremely happy and content. Not sure that I have a lot of room for anything other than the occasional penpal.  I prioritize my time for the people closest to me. Top priority could vary between work, the kids, the house, T, and my besties depending on the situation or circumstance.

The bro and I were discussing jealousy last night.  He had a moment when he was experiencing it and wanted my thoughts. From outside appearances, I’d doubt anyone would call me jealous or possessive, but even I’ll admit that there are the occasional times when I experience it. I just choose to not show it or make it an issue. I think it’s a normal reaction that reveals an insecurity within yourself.  And since I believe it is something only you can work on yourself, that is why I believe it is better to work thru it silently rather than lay it on your partner’s feet.  I think it’s best to remember that you love and trust your partner. And so long as there is two-way respect, communication, trust and love, things should stay pretty good.

Oy, my eyelids are dropping. Time for sleep. Goodnight neverland.


P.S. Hello Mrs. Down Under. 🙂 T told me you were taking a peek at my blog. Hope you are well. I’ve heard such lovely things about you. Hope my blog doesn’t scare you too much.  Hope to chat soon. Hugs!

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