Today was an amazingly awesome day

“Mommmmy??  It’s 6:30.  Why are you still in bed?”

Oh my god, I’d overslept.  I usually am up at 6.  Why my daughter was up was beyond me. But I was grateful.  My alarm, for some reason, didn’t go off.  We were fine.  We have a routine.  A little dance we do through the bathroom with brushing our teeth and getting ready in the morning.  She eats breakfast while I get my son up and then the bro takes over and away we go.  We stop for coffee and a hot chocolate and we gab about whatever it is she wants to gab about; Music, celebrities, boys at school, teachers, the popular girls (always said with a dramatic sigh).   It makes me smile.  Growing up… it’s a joyously painful experience.  And only when you grow up, can you look back through your children’s eyes and feel fondly about it.

I had a good day at work.  Busy.  Meetings and consults, a flurry of emails, a mad dash to get a last minute lunch before the cafe closed followed by a series of more consults and meetings.  In between all of it I even managed to line up everything I’d need to complete the buying of my car.  I’d spent 4 hours at the dealership sighing over a car last night.  I’ve been researching for weeks.  It wasn’t everything I’d wanted… but it was perfect for what I need.  And it’s adorable.  It makes me smile.  Today the bank agreed to the loan and tonight I went and picked it up.  Spent another 5 hours.  Can I just say that the whole process of buying a car takes FAR too long.  However, the boys at the dealership really took care of me.  They really seemed to be a tight knit group.  It was kind of fun to watch them all interact with each other and customers who were buying.  The jokes they told, each man with a different quirk.  The older man who did the finances was my favorite.  I called him the principal.  I felt like I was being led to the principal’s office. He laughed and laughed when I said that.  I challenged the sales teams to randomly do the Monty Python Silly Walk.  Made me feel old when the young sales guys hadn’t heard of it, but thanks to YouTube, they quickly learned and were cracking up in the fun. They all wanted hugs when I left. At least it wasn’t boring. 🙂

So … yea.  I bought a car tonight.


I can’t BELIEVE it!!!  It’s … a big deal.  I suppose you could say I feel like I am once again late to the party.  But here it is… this is the first car (that’s newer and not a beater) that I’ve ever bought.  I’ve owned a LOT of cars.  Thirteen to be exact.  Many were given to me from family as hand me downs or help when the ex totaled mine.  This is the first time I did it on my own.  My step dad came down last night and drove it.  I trust his judgement.  And tonight, by myself, I did something very grown up.  Bought my first car.  Yea I know I’m 31.  But I finally caught up.  Guess I’m a grown up now.  🙂

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