Sometimes, it’s easier to just hide

My brother recently got me playing a game on my computer.  It’s an MMO game.  He’s been playing a variety of them for years and has tried on more than one occasion to get me sucked in.  I’ve managed to resist without much hassle each time.  This time, I figured, ok!  You’ve been bugging me to play with you for YEARS – i’ll cave in. 

So I started the extremely long process of downloading Tera.  About an hour in, and I was having a blast!  Yelling at the screen, as if the monsters I was killing could some how hear the profanities I was hollering at them.  As if that would somehow make them cower and run for cover.  🙂  This was about a month ago.  And there’s been a few things I’ve learned since then. 

One, I’m a quick learner.  I pick up games pretty quickly, which i’m happy about.  I think even my bro was a bit surprised that I didn’t stumble as much as he thought I would.

Two, don’t start MMO games if you’re battling depression or massive stress.  Well – i suppose you COULD say that starting a game up in one of those times is ok because it helps you unravel the stress in a safe environment, but if you’re like me – it’s just a nice place to hide.  This weekend, I played ALL weekend.  With a variety of peeps, making friends and what not.  I allowed myself to hide in this strange virtual world all weekend and while on one hand – i had a blast and feel rested and relaxed to start my week, on the other, I’d rather go back to it.  There’s no bills to pay, no kids with demands, no dating or relationships to navigate through.  No BS.  Just my character’s, it’s predefined set of skills, and some monsters to fight who all fight on a somewhat predictable algorithm based pattern.  Simple. 

Going to stay out of the game now for a bit, need to sort my life out not hide from it, but let me just say… sometimes, it’s easier to just hide.  🙂

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