Not tripping on my own future…

ImageWomen are a strange lot.  (Although men are too.)  We over analyze everything.  We plan our weddings when we’re six.  We are constantly looking into the future.  I fall into this trap often.  You get a text or email from someone, and you instantly start looking into a deeper meaning behind their words.  You start a new relationship (note to self: Dating seems to be FILLED with opportunities to future trip – AVOID at all costs) – and immediately start thinking about whether or not this person will be in your life in the future and what that future will look like. 

ImageI have a MOUNTAIN of stress on my shoulders right now.  And thanks to that stress, I’ve challenged myself to not let myself get tripped up by my own future.  No future thinking will be tolerated or allowed from myself until the new year.  That seems like it would be relatively simple.  In theory, it means that I will instead, live each day for the moments while I’m in them.  Focusing on making each new day brighter and better than the last.  Sure, I’ll trip up a few times.  I’ll have to smack my own hand when my mind wanders – but maybe it will allow me to work through all this stress and drama that is present in my life. 

What I find rather ironic, is that since I made this promise of no future tripping… i’ve discovered others around me doing it too.  🙂 So now it’s part of my song and dance routine whenever someone’s having a low moment.  Tell them to get out of their own head, and stop tripping on the future they are trying to plan – and instead – revel in the moment you’re in.

6 thoughts on “Not tripping on my own future…

  1. I couldnt agree more with the idea of being in a relationship and then building this whole future around it. Sad part is when we do that and the relationship ends we not only deal with the immedaiet heartbreak but heartbreak of our imaginary lives together (our kids, our pets, our home)

    • Soooo true. You spend more time grieving because of the imaginary life you dreamed up than you would have had you just focused on enjoying each moment. Not to mention the time you’d get back if you stopped decoding everything the other person does. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment! Always appreciated.

  2. I love this! I really need to start doing this! I worry so much about what my future holds I dont take the time to enjoy today. I swear you miss some of the best moments when you arent looking at what you have with the right eyes.

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