Beginning to bloom

It was a lovely weekend, much of it spent in my yard.  My best friend, J came over and she and my daughter and I tackled the task of filling my front beds, as well as rescuing and potting some tomato plants from another friend’s yard.  My daughter decided she wanted to choose a garden bed and make it her own and it was lovely to see her thoroughly enjoying herself as she worked in the dirt with us.  This evening we walked the beds and just admired all our hard work, the tomatoes that were almost dead are now standing proud and now even have little yellow blossoms blooming.  We planted lavender, and gardenia, and daisies (one of my favorites).  We went a little crazy – but the front beds were completely bare – so it felt good to jazz them up.


J was such a joy to hang out with this weekend.  She and I have a ball hanging out together, as we’re quite alike in many ways.  I find that anytime spent with her is usually spent laughing and just generally having a fun, good time.


I am taking a trip up to Canada in a couple weeks and told her I wanted to pick up a few things before I go, so after spending some time in the garden, we went shopping.  While we were out, she found a dress that was within the restrictions I had placed on me.  I’m the “Best Man” for my brother’s wedding in September, and the bride has very specific tastes and requirements, it’s made finding a dress that I am also comfortable with VERY challenging.  When she held up this dress from the clearance rack – I was shocked and couldn’t contain my laughter, but then I looked at the size and thought “No way will it fit me.” She pushed me to try it on anyway.   And I hated it.  But guess what?!  It was TOO BIG!  J could grab 2 fistfuls of fabric in the back.  HOLY CRAP!


It had me thinking… my brain has wired itself to believe it’s a certain size.  And now that I’m slowly dropping below that size, it’s strange and jarring to discover when I’m wrong.  It was a lovely feeling to be wrong.  That surprise however, did push me to go peek at other dresses and, shock of a lifetime, I purchased two on sale. (Side note:  I’m NOT a female who enjoys shopping.  Never have.  Unless we’re shopping at a nursery, a farmers market, a hardware or home shop or an art supply shop – then it’s game on!  But even then, I’m one of those people who is quickly in and then out.  I don’t have to go down every aisle and I like to just get it done.)

I didn’t get the rest I was hoping to get this weekend, but I’m happy that it turned out the way it did.  I got my new desk sorta put together.  The top needs to be secured on – but even as it sits right now – it’s not going anywhere.  We got a lot of the office set up, and I have a handy man coming on Wednesday to finish putting up some of the shelves I so desperately want for storage.  I’m tired of my stuff being in boxes.  Once the office is set up, I’ve made the decision to turn the spare room into a photography “studio” for J to use on a regular basis for Boudoir or anything else that seems appropriate.  I’ll set it up somewhat like a hotel room (which will be great for guests who stay over), and maybe one other scene/set up.  It will be a lot cheaper for J than renting hotel rooms for these events, and eventually, we could even find ways to swap out with additional furniture or backdrops and maybe even build some light boxes into the room.  It will be a fun side project.


Oy!  I have a lot of side projects going on right now.  Between work, the garden, various projects around the house (plus we’re still unpacking), the various events and things my kids get into, and other activities planned out for the summer, it’s been quite a whirlwind.  And to top it off – I bought a kayak tonight.  🙂  I love going out, it’s just a simple one for lakes and rivers (for now), but I’ll take it.  🙂  It’s great exercise and I love getting out on the water.  Now I just need to go buy a new life jacket.

I am VERY excited for my little getaway in two weeks.  I really need a chance to take a breath.  To relax and just take a day or two where I don’t have to think about work, or my daughter.  I’ve arranged for everyone to be looked after, and I will hop on a plane on Friday and perhaps get a chance to explore a new city, meet someone new, eat some good food, check out a farmer’s market and just slow it down for a weekend.  I’ve booked what looks to be a nice room in a larger hotel, they even have a hot tub and a masseuse (YES PLEASE?!).  I’ll fly back home Sunday evening.  I’m a little nervous, as I’ve never been a huge fan of airports or flying, but I think it’ll be more than worth it in more ways than one.

I am incredibly hopeful for what lies ahead in my life.  There has been so much goodness popping up and blooming from so many sides.  Yes, there’s been stress… my daughter was sent home from school on friday again, she cannot return until Wednesday.  I can’t wait for summer to get here.  And I’m dreading it all at the same time.  We’re making progress with her – every single day there is progress.  It’s unfortunate that it’s not enough to help her be at 100% yet, especially when handling stress at school.  She has good days, and bad ones.  But me being home, working from home, getting involved in these hobbies together, other people are noticing small changes in her, positive ones.


Tomorrow, I start on a new treatment for one of my health problems.  I’m excited to get started, and see if there’s a change or a difference made.  If it works, it could alleviate a few very frustrating problems that I have faced on and off consistently for many years.  Fingers are crossed in the hopes for success! 🙂

I’ve had a song stuck in my head for weeks.  It just won’t go away.  I adore the lyrics and keep repeating them over and over in my head.  I often have this problem with songs, but this one in particular just doesn’t want to leave my brain.  Thought I’d share it with you all in case you wanted to look it up and hear it.  🙂

It’s called “Certain things” by James Arthur

Something about you
It’s like an addiction
Hit me with your best shot, honey
I’ve got no reason to doubt you
‘Cause certain things hurt
And you’re my only virtue
And I’m virtually yours

And you keep coming back, coming back again
Keep running round, running round, running round my head

And there’s certain things that I adore
And there’s certain things that I ignore
But I’m certain that I’m yours
Certain that I’m yours
Certain that I’m yours

There’s something about you
It’s when you get angry
You have me as your mercy
And you’re like the shoulder to turn to
‘Cause certain things mend us when we’re hanging on for dear life
We held on so tight

And you keep coming back, coming back again
Keep running round, running round, running round my head

[Chorus x2:]
And there’s certain things that I adore
And there’s certain things that I ignore
But I’m certain that I’m yours
Certain that I’m yours
Certain that I’m yours

I adore you… I adore you…
Certain that I’m yours

Well – it’s been a long day, I wanted to at least write an update to cover my weekend, but now I should probably get ready for bed and try and get some sleep.  And, to those of you still up – goodnight Neverland.  🙂  Talk again soon.

lipstick kiss

A lovely day

Today, I went with my bro to pick out and purchase an engagement ring for the woman he’s been seeing.  It was fun to watch him agonize over the right ring, dreaming about his future with this lovely woman.  He had a set budget, he’d been saving for a while.  She didn’t want anything extravagant, which was lucky, as his budget wouldn’t allow for that.  It was, truly, a very sweet moment in his life.  I felt honored to be apart of it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 8.56.35 PM

When the saleswoman brought him the total, his face fell.  He was $100 short.  He confessed that even if it had been on the nose, he’d have less than $50 to live on till he got paid.  I applied for a credit card through the jeweler.  I didn’t actually think they’d approve me for one, as I’ve certainly never been acceptable in the past.  But surprise of all surprises, they approved me.  It was a great moment… I was able to help my brother out and I purchased a Christmas gift for myself.  I won’t get it back until just before Christmas, but I fell in love with a gorgeous white sapphire ring and decided to add it to the purchase.  I can’t wait to get it!  🙂

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 8.51.19 PM

I never purchase things for me, and I won’t lie, I felt a little bit guilty on the way home about it.  But, when I think about it, I always put others first.  I always buy things for the children.  I certainly never buy jewelry, and seeing as I’ve been helping the bro do research on rings and gems lately, I’ve certainly drooled over quite a few lovely pieces.  I’m really not much of a jewelry girl.  A few friends of mine live by their accessories and fashion pieces.  Me?  I will often wear one ring on each hand.  I rarely wear earrings and if I wear a necklace, I’ll wear it for 6 months straight and forget about it.  Maybe it’s laziness… or maybe I’m just prefer to keep it simple.

The bro was commenting in the jewelry store, how he can’t wait to settle into life a bit more.  How he looks forward to surprising his wife with an anniversary band or a tennis bracelet.  I nodded and smiled, but struggled to relate to his excitement over this.  I’ve never been in relationships where the other person was one to give jewelry.  Or even gifts.  Come to think of it, I’m not even sure I’d know what my reaction would really be.  I almost think it’s easier to buy stuff for yourself.  You know what you’re spending, you know your own tastes – so you’re guaranteed to love it, and you know it’ll fit.  🙂  Those are wins all around.


I think it’s a rather old fashioned ideal that my bro shared today.  Men buying their women jewels.  The feminist in me says – there’s no need to do that.  But the lady in me smiles and thinks it’s sweet.  I suppose it really just makes me think of my grandparents.  Granddad would buy nana a new piece of jewelry on every cruise they’d take.  Occasionally, he’d buy her a some type of bling for her birthday or for christmas or an anniversary.  I loved watching her light up every time she’d put something on that he’d given her.  She’d tell me the story around each item and I always enjoyed admiring how pretty she looked as she sparkled.

Well folks – I hope you had as lovely a day as I did.  Much love to you all.  Goodnight.

lipstick kiss