It’s thanksgiving week

It’s quiet in the office this week. I always love being at work during the holidays, it feels like I get so much more done. That said, I’m looking forward to a few days off. Last weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a very long time, and I’ve been riding the wave of relaxed bliss this week. And thankfully, because of my family’s new thanksgiving traditions – I don’t have to worry about attending any stressful family gatherings or cooking and cleaning for a ton of people. It’s nice.

Next week will be a short week for me, as I have to go in for some surgery and will be out for recovery for 7 days. If I’m honest, I’m nervous about the procedure. I’m sure it will go just fine, but I’m nervous all the same. It has been kind of nice to clear my work calendar. It feels like I’m actually going to get a moment to disconnect and focus on my own self-care for once. Which is something I’m not always good at.

I did a little christmas “shopping” this morning. I’m behind -normally by now I’d be mostly complete with my holiday purchases. But this year, I’m putting a lot more thought and effort into creating things that have deeper meaning or have experiences and memories tied to them. I put “shopping” in quotes because this morning I picked up the things I needed to pull off a gift for my best friend. I’m super excited about it and hope it turns out the way I have in my head. We’ll see!?

Well – i’m going to cut this short today – going to attempt to scoot out of the office a bit earlier than normal and hopefully beat the afternoon traffic debacle. Fingers crossed for me!

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