Staycation part 2


Tomorrow, I go back to work. I’m both sad and excited. Sad that my vacation time must end, and excited because I’m feeling refreshed. Which means I accomplished my goal. 🙂 My goal was to disconnect and even though I didn’t go off to hit the calming bliss of a cabin in the woods on an island in the sound… I did disconnect and had a fine ol’ time.

Sunday ended up being a great day. I slept in, tinkered with my microphone and recording, visited a friend and her band practice to get some microphone set up advice and got to jam with them for a few minutes, wandered the international district briefly to find a Vietnamese sandwich…mmm. And then got a chance to try the most amazing chicken dish I’d ever tried before. It involved some crazy spices and coconut milk and cooking it for what must have been close to 4 hours. I did pay some attention to the cooking process, but was also absorbed in trying to capture the chef in a drawing. She has unusually striking eyes and I wanted to try and capture them. I failed miserably – the tablet and I still have some growing pains to get through first. The rest of the evening was spent hanging out watching some new shows. It was quiet and peaceful and comfortable.

I slept well. That’s a first in a long time.

Monday morning came too quickly. But instead of going to work, it was filled with a stroll along Alki beach and a seafood omelet in a cafe overlooking the water. Have I mentioned I’m a sucker for breakfasts? I was supposed to hit the costume store in the afternoon with Jen, I am considering a costume for cosplay.. I know, I know… NERD. It is what it is. Jen is the chef of the amazing chicken, but she wasn’t feeling well so I went home and relaxed, played video games with the bro, did a few chores, started reading a new book. Overall, a lovely day.

Today I got the chance to explore one of my favorite places. It’s a small town in Eastern Washington. One I grew up going to every weekend and most of the summers. We’d camp and fish and explore the rivers, we’d go off-roading in groups, we’d explore the wilds – desert and rugged territories that are so different from the lush greenery that you see in Seattle. Drive somewhere to get lost and feel good about accomplishing the goal. I loved that growing up. I still love that to this day. And now that I’m home, I’m cuddling with my youngest… I feel rested. Content. Happy.

I’m a simple girl. I took more enjoyment today walking through a cool funky farm and hardware store than I ever do walking through a makeup store at the mall. I like to look good, I like nice things, nice restaurants, but I’m just as at home in a dive bar in a po-dunk town eating waffle fries, or hunting down old rusted up hunks of junk that barely qualify as cars and dream over fixing them up. Yes I did this today… was kind of funny – no trespassing signs posted and visions of a shot gun being aimed at me as I go tromping into a junk yard all because there was this old.. and i mean REALLY old rusted up ambulance. This is the best pic I could hunt up online to show.  And of course, what is my luck as I’m strolling up this hunk of junk star struck but some old guy comes out.  After explaining that I wasn’t a terrorist, I just wanted to admire the car… he seemed a little surprised but was fine with the trespassing.  🙂

The glass was still intact in the back. It was etched just like this picture. If only the rest of the car looked like this.  It was completely rusted, collapsing in the middle, and probably had a whole family of stray cats or rodents living in it.   But you could see, if you looked really closely, what she was.  What she had been.  (Yes, I refer to cars as she…. I’m a dork, what can I say?)  Sigh… oh if only I didn’t have to worry about funding a move right now.  I want a project car again.  I miss having one to work on.  I want something American muscle.  Patience Jen, we’ll get there.  Gotta be responsible first.  🙂

Need to kick into high gear now and pack the house, figure out if I’m going to get the place I applied for or if I need to start looking again. Either way though, I need to pack. And there is a lot of house to pack. Should be fun times. 🙂 Have I mentioned that I absolutely HATE moving? 🙂

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