A happy moment…brought to you by me


My kids came home tonight from an overnight visit with their dad.  And for once, there was calm.  Usually it takes a day, sometimes two, for them to re-adjust to life back at home.  It’s odd how one overnight can throw their whole world out of wack.  Tonight was different.  They came home, I was showered in hugs and cuddles.  It was time to go to bed, a couple of sniffles, but nothing major.  Grayson climbed into bed, gave us last hugs from bed and went to sleep.  No begging for toys but not knowing which toy.  No cons for extra drinks of water.  No bargaining for more time.  It was odd.  Peaceful.  It equals a very happy mom.

I’ve been fighting something icky all weekend.  It kicked up on Friday and just made me drag.  I think I’m over the hump on it now though.  Another night’s rest, some orange juice in the morning, should be good to start another week.  Gotta get my head really in the game this week.  I’m finally starting to understand a lot of the pieces and parts of the project I’m working on.  It’s giving me an interesting look at the whole and all the work it’s going to take to make an impact.  “Move the needle” hehe.  Corporate blather…and yet it means so much to me.  Ahh I’ve been taken over by the corporate goons.  Ah well.  I’m happy.  I’m making a difference every day for future generations and technology.  That’s pretty cool.  I’m finally getting to the fun stage at work, the idea stage.  Where ideas and concepts start flying through the brain at all hours of the day and night.  Some are crazy, others are little gems.  I look forward to this stage at work.  You slowly take an idea and mold and shape it until it becomes something real. Something hopefully amazing.  Not every idea makes it through all the stages.  And even if one does, it doesn’t mean that the world is ready for them.  I’ve seen so many people burn out from this.  When you work so hard on something, over and over, and it doesn’t see the light of day, it can be disheartening.  But I still love it.  I still get a thrill from it.

Oh – and a shout out to the Seahawks.  🙂  Woo Hoo!!! hehe.

Goodnight folks!

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