When the sun comes up…


I have discovered a new love.  Thanks to my son, I often wake up quite early.  So much so, that I’m finding that even when he’s not with me, my body still wakes up in the 5 o’clock hour.  Part of me thinks longingly of the days when I’d sleep in until 9 or 10, but the other part of me loves it.

I’ve always loved a sunrise.  The world is still mostly sleeping, and the sun comes up, the birds wake and start to sing, and all seems lovely.  I love that quiet.  It’s even better if I’m lucky enough to have a cup of coffee with me, but even when I don’t, it’s in those quiet moments that I gather my strength for the day.

It is in those moments that everything falls away and I can just revel in that minute.  Stresses or challenges that I’m tackling don’t matter.  All that matters is that sun coming up and starting the day.

Good morning Neverland.

lipstick kiss

A Productive Day


Love good days. I know, who doesn’t.  But today was indeed a good day. Woke up the way I like to.. not rushed, happiness, giggling and snuggles. Had a planned personal day. Coffee, eggs and bacon.

I made a massive dent in the garage. Can almost get my car in there now. Got some furniture placed throughout the house that was taking up space in the garage.

I even put some books in the bookshelf. I realized tho, I need bookshelves. I have a massive quantity of books. MASSIVE.  I had a long wall of floor to ceiling shelves, in the last house, full of books. Not sure what to do with them in this house.

I played with Grayson a ton today. Mommy was a jungle gym. We played games, pretended to be superheroes, complete with a superhero take off stance and blanket capes. We unpacked his car…a vw “slug bug” that’s battery powered that he can drive around.  It was really cheap, and is total piece of junk, but he still loves it.

The bro had his girlfriend over, we all made homemade tacos.  Was interesting to see them interact in the kitchen.  Little bickerings here and there over little things…I think they’ll learn tho. Lol. They are pretty cute, when they get along.

I feel productive. I got a lot accomplished today. I’m tired, but I also feel a bit refreshed and re-energized. I have a massive day tomorrow. Loads of work, plus I need to pack up my office for our office move as I won’t be present on Friday. I’m going to a design conference. Exciting!! 🙂

Well, time for me to sleep. Much love neverland.