Losing the battle to impatience

It’s been a good day – don’t get me wrong.  But I’m more than ready for it to be over now.  My boss has been a bit more high strung than usual today, the final push on some crazy deadlines looms overhead and all I can think about, is that I’d rather be somewhere else.  Where?  Not sure.  Napping?  Traveling?  Sailing?  Cooking?  Something other than managing a team of folks who are over-stressed and over-worked.  🙂


Maybe it’s just impatience.

I’m impatient to move forward in life.  From a career standpoint, life is damn good.  From a financial standpoint too.  My kids are happy and healthy… things are great.  But this whole House thing has me tied up in knots of impatient anxiety.  I just want to find a house and buy it already.  I want to be moved in already.  Maybe it’s like a biological clock – for being a grown up?  🙂  Tick-tock, tick-tock…. oh for god sakes just HURRY UP ALREADY!?!  It’s only a few months… I know I can hang in there.  Heck, not like I have any other choice.

I’m feeling a bit restless.  I’m one of those types of people who makes a goal and walks down the path to make it real.  I’m a dreamer – and yet, I’m also a do-er.  Sometimes, I find myself getting a bit frustrated with the time it takes to effectively “do” a dream.  I tell myself to relax, to wait, it’ll happen, if something’s meant to be – it will be.  I try not to future trip.  Today – I’m not doing that very well.

I need a hug.  And someone to tell me to take a chill pill.  🙂

Much love to you in Neverland.

lipstick kiss