Is it Thanksgiving yet?!


This time next week, I’ll be on my way to the airport.  OMG that feels amazing to say.  It’s finally here!  Rather than worry about possible weather delays – I’m only thinking about this trip as an adventure – whatever happens, I’m going to enjoy it.  🙂

My phone will remain in airplane mode the entire week – so that I can still use it to take photos.  I’ll turn on my signal to check in with my kids, but that is it.  I’m out.  🙂  I’m really (and perhaps oddly) looking forward to seeing palm trees decorated for the holidays.  I’ve never seen it in person before.  I’m loving the fact that I’m seeing a few houses with Christmas decorations up already.  I immediately squeal like a little girl when I see them.  I know – I’m a dork.  When I get back – I’ll have to get into the holiday baking, the making of homemade Kahlua – I think I found the perfect containers for this year, all the fun family Christmas traditions that really make it feel like a special holiday.  I could care less about the gifts and the commercial materialism.  Bring on the fun family experiences! 🙂 I’m definitely ready this year.

I’ve already started washing certain clothes and stacking them up with my suitcase.  Picked up all the little travel bottles of stuff I’ll need.  I love the anticipation of traveling.  The prepping and planning.  Putting aside certain things you know you’ll want or need to take with you.

I’ve been careful to give my kids as much attention and love as I can, and will likely heap on a bunch more before I go.  I think that’s the only part of this trip I won’t enjoy.  Leaving them behind and having to say goodbye for a week.  But… then again – I’m so excited to sleep in.  To not have to constantly negotiate with a toddler or preteen.  YES! 🙂

Hehe.  Just wanted to check in.  Been busy lately and haven’t had a moment to sit and write.  That’s something I look forward to getting in on this trip actually.  I’ve been writing in a journal by hand and need to transfer a bunch of it over to this blog.  As it is my preference to record it here.  Although it’s a little scarier sometimes to post here.  Everything you write, which in my case are the things I think and feel, out for the public to read and potentially judge.

I’ve had this blog up since Oct 2013.  I can’t imagine not having it now.  It’s been a source of comfort, of council, and of release.  I’ve read so many stories and moments from other bloggers that inspire me or make me feel less alone. I never expected to love my little online “community” as much as I do.  🙂 To my fellow bloggers – do you feel that way too?

Well – tonight I’m off to a comfy pajama party with another couple.  Complete with spiked hot cocoa and movies, leftovers and likely, popcorn.  🙂 Should be a fun, relaxed night.  I love those the best.  Does that mean I’m getting old?  Old woman in her early 30’s … yea right.  🙂

Goodnight Neverland.  Love you muchly.

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  1. “To not have to constantly negotiate with a toddler or preteen. YES! :)” ROFL! I soooooo relate. My daughter’s 5 – echoes of her teenage self to come ~ drives me mental by times lol. I’m soooooo embarrassing hahaha. Ah well. That’s it ☺ I enjoyed this very much thanks! Have a WONDERFUL vacation down south, soak it aaaaaaaall up. And many thanks for visiting my new blog! I’m chuffed! Looking fwd to following your adventures here. Peace, love & light, jules

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