I bought myself a present

I just bought myself a present.  🙂  It’s been an odd week – with a healthy mix of both amazing experiences and days, and frustrating ones due to a variety of things.  I’m finally after the end of the 3rd week, feeling SOO much better.  Still have a bit of a cough hanging on, but the last 2 days, no fever … first time in 3 weeks I can say that.  I’ll take the improvement.

Work’s been a bit up and down with stress, managed to blast out some serious headway on organization in the house though, so I’ll take that plus side.   Then there was the strange phone call from Australia and visiting a few friends who were down to cheer them up.  Overall – it’s been a great week, just one that I’m kind of glad is finished.

It’s 10:30 at night, and rather than sleeping as I should be, I spent the last hour surfing the web looking for a particular item.  Found it and something else and purchased them.  🙂  One, is a corset.  I’ve been trying to find one that I like for a cosplay outfit I have in my head.  I’m a bit nervous, as I’ve tried a couple out now and they aren’t easy to find the right fit and quality.  That and I’m a bit nervous to build a cosplay outfit.  It’s not something I’ve done before.  I’m going for something with a steam punk vibe to it.


The second item I bought?  A ring.  For me.  🙂  It’s nothing expensive.  Total, it cost under $20 after a few sales and such.  But it’s pretty.  And I can’t wait to wear it, although we’ll see if it turns my finger green.


It shouldn’t, seeing as it’s not the type of metal that typically would, but I tend to be sensitive to that kind of thing.  You see, I love rings.  I only wear one on each hand at a time, but those are the one type of jewelry I DO wear.  I tend to forget to put on earrings, and when I wear a necklace, so long as it’s of a high enough quality that I can, I’ll wear it for months and months at a time.  I forget I wear them.  But rings I don’t often forget.

I do a lot of presenting.  I write on white boards.  I type.  My hands are always in view.  It’s why, for a very long time, I was always good about keeping my nails done.  There’s something lovely about having pretty hands, and rings go along with that.

My problem?  I only have a couple of rings.  Well – that’s not quite true – I have maybe 9 -10 different ones – but 4 of them, I won’t wear because of the memories associated with them, 2 are a bit small as they were given to me by my mom (and not necessarily in my taste range) and the other 2 are old ones I bought when I was in my early 20’s.  I never buy myself jewelry.  It seems… wasteful.

I’ve wanted some new rings for a while though.  I’ve got a few in my head that I’d like to come across inexpensively that I’d like to own.  Simple ones.  Nothing extravagant.  I’d like to own a moonstone… I love those.  They make me think of the way the moon looks when it’s full.  They typically have a weird way of shimmering and glowing.  I’d like to own something more celtic or lord of the rings-esque, all silver – no antiquing or black worked in.  I’d like to own a fire opal, I’ve never seen a real one, only lab created ones which really don’t seem to be the same thing.  They are this strange orang-y red colored stone with yellow and red striations in it.  They really do resemble fire.  I’d like to own an emerald, as it makes me think of green things growing.  Funny how my tastes have changed over the years.  It used to be, I was a diamond-only kinda girl.  But the more I see unique jewelry as I get older, the more I’ve begun to appreciate the more unusual pieces and stones.  Makes purchasing things so much more affordable, I must say.  🙂

Well – I should head off, need sleep.  Goodnight Neverland.  Much Love.  XXO.


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