Made my decision

I didn’t sleep much last night.  I was thinking about my post and the decision of whether to go and meet Australia.  After consulting with a few folks, and getting their perspective.  Here is the decision I have come to.  Up until last night, I was finished.  I was done.  And here’s the thing.  I still am.  I don’t want to fly down there.  I don’t want to see him.  He ended our friendship.  I will have the ring sent via fed ex to the hotel he’ll be staying at.  I’m done.  I wanted to do the honorable thing.  I wanted to return the ring in person, as it was given to me in person.  But, after thinking it through, I have no desire to see him.  I have no desire to rekindle a friendship or relationship in any way shape or form.  I don’t need to go and get a guilt trip, or go and explain myself.  I shouldn’t have to.  And what – I’d get down there, give him his ring and turn around and come back.  Waste of a trip in my opinion.  Even if I could convince a friend to come along, it just doesn’t jive well with me.  Am I sorry for how it ended?  Yes.  At one point, would I have liked to continue the friendship? Sure – but that seems so far away and long ago now.  I’m building a life for myself here.

I feel good about this decision.  I’m happy.  I’ve moved on.  He should too.


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